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We only have 100 spaces for people like you to test-drive Invitee before its official launch.

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where you can come and hang out with local celebrities and the Invitee team!


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Looking for somewhere to go tonight?

Invitee lets you discover where any social gathering is happening around you, as well as letting you upload your own one.

From a pre-party down to a BBQ in the park, Invitee lets

you know where it’s all happening!



Knock, knock...

Who's there?

It’s ME! Found a cool party to go to? Just ”knock” on the host’s door through the app! No more waiting to be invited to a party, with Invitee YOU can now invite yourself!



Hey there!

If the host opens the door through the app you’ll be able to start a conversation with Invitee’s chat feature. This includes both text and video chat! If the host agrees for you and your friends to come party with them, they will release the exact location with the simple touch of a button!



Smile, you’re

on camera!

Invitee’s camera feature lets you capture all the action at the party with photos and videos. You can even edit the images before you as the host or the invitee shares them wherever you want, whether that’s on social media or via picture messages to your friends.


Event rating

Only party with the best!

Security and user experience are Invitee’s top priorities. We want both our hosts and invitees to be safe and have a great time, period! After the party, you rate the host and the host rates you. This way everyone on Invitee gets to know who the safest and coolest people are to hangout with.


The possibilities are endless!


With Invitee, there’s so much more to come!


We are constantly updating Invitee to revolutionize the combination of social media with social gatherings.


Pre-register NOW to receive priority access to Invitee when it goes live, and join the revolution that everybody will want to be part of!






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